Emek Thievery Corporation Plexi Glass Piece

Emek 'Thievery Corporation' Edition of 100 Size: 18 x 24 Inches $100 Each
Emek ‘Thievery Corporation’ Edition of 100 Size: 18 x 24 Inches $100 Each

Here is one of the best pieces I have seen in quite a while, this is Emek’s latest piece for one of the best bands in the world… Thievery Corporation gig in Philadelphia one or so ago. The cool part about this piece is the wicked subway map vibe I get from it! Memories of riding the tube in London last year 🙂 There happens to be a contest associated with this release, here are the details:

For this sale you don’t need the fastest computer, or to sit by your desk all day, but you will need to put some thought into it…
Email us at emek@emek.net with your answer (letter only) sometime between now and midnight on Saturday March 21st.
Give us a few days to respond to the winners on how to purchase, then we will send out another broadcast when the sale is complete.

One of the great things about art is that the viewer can decide what it means to them. However, the goal of an artist is often to express his/her feelings and thoughts about something… So the challenge here is to decide what do you think i intended the art in this poster to mean.


Choose the answer that best describes the meaning of the art in this poster as you think Emek intended.
In your email, ONLY put the letter (A, B, C,…) of your answer into the SUBJECT of the email
send your email to emek@emek.net BEFORE midnight on Saturday March 21,2009.

What is the meaning of the art for this poster?

A) Its based on the notion that the individual is a microcosm of society at large, our heart must lead us on the right path, just as we hope society reflects mankind’s higher purpose.
B) Technology is taking over the heart.
C) deus ex machina:  “heart from the machine” … has come to mean a device that solves the conflict of a narrative.
D) Its an analogy for the human condition, wherein the nature of our existence becomes more predominated by our reliance upon technologically regulated constructs that inhibit our cognition and diverts us on a path away from our true subconscious understanding of the world around us.
E) Its based on the Thievery Corporation song about people turning into computers.
F)  Electronic music that has a soul and addresses the conflics that are a part of life.
G) It represents the duality of all music – the balance of opposites.
H) All of the above.
I) i dunno, i just want to flip it.
J) This contest is just an experiment to test peoples attention spans and see if you can read till the end.
Thanks for playing,


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