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22 Responses to “Email Contact”

  1. hello i just found you site in the “Tag surfer” in wordpress 😀

    i’m an romanian streetartist… you could check some of my work on my blog.. and maybe we will stay in touch!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 😀

  2. hey there. i was surfing around the web and came across your site today… wanted to share with you some print related news. We are releasing a super sweet box set in the coming weeks… its being put together to go along with an exhibition that opens at our gallery on the 14th of February in Los Angeles… All of the info is here:

    Many thanks!


  3. Nice site. Cheers

  4. Thought you might like to have a look at some stuff I’ve been doing. It’s pen, graphite & teabag. Would love to know what you think?

  5. hey simon

    email me your pics and details at

    i will check them out for sure

    thanks for the shout out!

  6. check out the new brainwash vintage lennon

  7. nice
    i like it but i just bought the campbells soup cans.
    i think i might get this one too!

  8. Yeah I’ve been all over his work lately
    33rd street
    chocolate vandal
    yes we can
    vintage lennon
    and lady day

    I’m addicted right now…

  9. send me the details, i will post them

  10. DId you see the Fairey immigation reform prints that went on sale, believe it or not there are still some avail. at look for the links

  11. Oh and the new brainwash is up, its not my favorite but check it out, its cool just expensive right out of the box. I’d expect that price on ebay right now.

  12. didn’t like them, i wouldn’t hang them on my walls. you?

  13. thanks for the heads up


  14. nah, I wouldn’t hang them either, but I figured i’d let you know for your viewers. Anywho have a great night thanks for all the great info I check your blog on the daily. thank you again

  15. Hey how you doing?
    Just thiught You would like to check out my site at:

    Also selling prints (with more to come real soon) at:

    Cool blog by the way


  16. rumor has it there is going to be a huge brainwash show this summer in NYC……more to come….

  17. mbw is getting ready for artshow2009 NYC

  18. i know but damn release something fresh already!!


  19. Cool blog mate! Found it on twitter 😉 please check out my flicker and my big cartel think it would fit you blog :-p and

  20. Hi there, and thanks for the link to the Asbestos film I did. Nice Blog. I’ll be following. Just a quick one. You wanna link to the actual page:

    otherwise people are linked to the top of my blog and will have to sift through pages and pages of twaddle in order to find it.

    Big love


  21. I would like to advertise on you advertise on your site or find a way to submit the exclusive prints I offer. Thank you for your time.

  22. i am in the process of developing a new design for my website, this new design will include ad space. i will be in touch then

    thanks for the interest and support


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