Faile ‘Star Spangled Shadows’ Print Released

Faile 'Star Spangled Shadows' Edition of 300 Size: 23 x 18 Inches $250 Each

Faile 'Star Spangled Shadows' Edition of 300 Size: 38 x 23 Inches $250 Each

Here is a NEW Americentric print released through PaperMonster, this is from the Patrick’s at Faile. This print is called ‘Star Spangled Shadows’. This new print from Faile comes to us with all the hand loving you have come to expect from these guys.  Based on their large canvas shown last fall in London, this one is for all of you who do not have a billboard sized wall to hang your art on. It is a 2 colour 38 x 23 inch acrylic & silkscreen ink screen print with an edition size of 300, comes signed, stamped and numbered by the artists for $350 each. Although it is showing as SOLD OUT, I have seen a few prints pop back up on their site.

Check it out HERE


~ by postersandprints on October 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Faile ‘Star Spangled Shadows’ Print Released”

  1. Thank you !
    I thin I got one due to you – I looked this morning and they were sold out and then read your article and checked and hey presto – Still don’t trust it until she’s in hand ! but thanks

  2. congrats

    i find faile tends to release their prints in waves, seems like a bunch get released and then a while later more get released and so on until they are all sold out!!

    cheers, i am happy i could help you

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