Jeff Soto ‘Nature’s Spendor’ + ‘The Three Friends’ Print Release Info

The Three Friends Edition of 100 Size: 10 x 10 Inches Each $125 Each

Here are the details on the upcoming prints from artist Jeff Soto. There will be two releases this week. One is a triptych called ‘The Three Friends’ and the other is the follow up to ‘Nature’s Wrath’, this one is called ‘Nature’s Splendor’. The first is set of three prints The Three Friends’ are reproductions of the watercolor pieces I have been having so much fun with. I was going to release one of these and felt they worked very nice as a set. I’m very happy with them, the proofs look like the original watercolors. The second is ‘Nature’s Splendor’ which is a companion piece to a 2009 sold out print, ‘Nature’s Wrath’. This print has already been offered to all N.W buyers in order to give them first dibs on having the two print set. Owners of the first print have until Monday to make their purchase via EMAIL, after that they will be selling the remaining prints on the 26th. Over half the prints are already paid for, so apologies in advance, there is a slight chance these will not be available. Both of these prints will be made available online Monday October 26th at 3pm(ish) EST.

Check it out HERE

Jeff Soto 'Nature's Splendor' Edition of 100 Size: 12 x 12 Inches $125 Each


~ by postersandprints on October 19, 2009.

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