Peru Ana Ana Peru Upcoming Art Show

You’ve seen it on the streets – just a black square with white text. Two names, a mirror image of themselves. These discreet signs of whoever or whatever refers to itself as PERU ANA ANA PERU are backed up by an eclectic collection of ornately designed pieces of artwork– pasted, fastened, scribbled or dangling to your left or right.

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WHO ARE THEY? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? We are often asked these questions. PERU ANA ANA PERU’s use of different mediums is a treat if you enjoy such things and will certainly cut up a neat freak looking to compartmentalize them. Well we may not have all the answers you’ve been searching for, but we do have their first solo show and hope to bring you as close to their identities as you have been so far.

“…And Then We Jumped into the Abyss of Numbers: Memories in Absurdity From the Bowels of Peru Ana Ana Peru”, is the title of their exhibition. A bit long? –Maybe. Very telling? –Yes. Their “abyss of numbers” will explore the unknown, the bizarre and the surreal through multi-media paintings/drawings, sculpture and installations. Video art pieces telling strange narratives will be a key focus of the work and will offer viewers yet another peek into this duo’s collective psyche. This work, harmonious with a gallery space, is also intimately connected to their street presence. At their request, we dizzily revel in the irrational.

As a much added bonus, the soundtrack to the opening night event will be performed by BOMB SQUAD (Hank Shocklee; Future Frequency0. The force behind Public Enemy and some of the most significant albums of all time with a preview of the new upcoming album of futuristic dub and live electronics.

Memories in Absurdity From the Bowels of Peru Ana Ana Peru at Brooklynite Gallery Opens October 17th – November 14th

Check it out HERE


~ by postersandprints on September 29, 2009.

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