Scion’s Art Auction Blek Le Rat, David Choe, Jeff Soto…

Scion Art Tour Installation #5

Scion’s online art auction for charity which is in progress NOW, and closes on September 30th. Features some of the best artists out there; Blek Le Rat, David Choe, Jeff Soto, AJ Fosik, and many others have pieces in the auction. Here’s the deal: Scion’s Installation 5 National Art Tour, featuring 44 artists, they just had their final public opening recently at Scion’s LA Gallery in Culver City. Now all the art is available for purchase in an auction hosted at Artnet. All of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the non-profit, Creative Capital. Last year’s auction raised $50,000 for charity and we would love your support in helping surpass that figure this year. There are some amazing art pieces still available with the opening bids at very reasonable prices. The pricing ranges from $25 all the way to $5000. For instance Blek Le Rat’s ‘The God Father’ has an opening bid of only $4,375.  Blek is currently selling similar sized works for $17,000+. David Choe collaborated with Peter Glover on a video art project called ’23 Short Films’ which features a hand painted, signed cover by both David Choe and Peter Glover plus a Choe original hand drawn sticker and DVD label.

Check it out HERE


~ by postersandprints on September 28, 2009.

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