Baby Tattooville Artist Retreat Weekend

Baby Tattooville

Baby Tattooville October 2nd-4th, 2009 at Mission Inn Hotel & Spa California

Baby Tattooville provides a unique opportunity for a few enthusiastic collectors (like yourself) to spend a weekend with an all-star lineup of celebrated artists that include Audrey Kawasaki, Buff Monster, Travis Louie, James Gurney, Elizabeth McGrath, Miss Mindy, Greg Craola Simkins, Yoskay Yamamoto, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, KRK Ryden and… Without the time constraints of a typical personal appearance, or the crowd control issues of a standing-room-only event, artists and collectors will have a weekend-long opportunity to discuss and explore their mutual interests. Original work will be created and celebrated around-the-clock; no one will leave empty handed. Only 45 event packages were offered for sale for the 2009 event, and only 8 remain available at this time. This sounds awesome, a great way to meet one of your heroes and create art with them. WOW!

Check it out HERE


~ by postersandprints on September 18, 2009.

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