Dunny Delight!! I Pulled A Golden Ticket!!

Dunny 2009 Checklist

Anyone else find a golden ticket yet and try to access the URL only to be bounced back to the main page. Hmmm, I sent an email off to Kidrobot and received a very prompt reply. Here it is “Hello and thanks for your email!  We have just discovered that our link has some issues with it at the moment.  Please wait another couple of days and we should have all of the kinks worked out. Please contact me in another couple of days if this does not work for you still. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day! So I/we wait happily with a little piece of gold in our pocket! F.Y.I – I really dig the Luke Chueh, the texture on it is amazing and I also dig the Gary Taxali dunny. Have fun opening your boxes everybody.

First Box Opened Gets Us A Golden Ticket - It Was In A Luke Chueh Box

First Box Opened Gets Us A Golden Ticket - It Was In A Luke Chueh Box


~ by postersandprints on September 10, 2009.

9 Responses to “Dunny Delight!! I Pulled A Golden Ticket!!”

  1. My case came out pretty good as well. Didnt pull the golden ticket but did manage to get supakitch, dalek, huck and brandt all in one case. let me know if you dont want the taxali. =)

  2. guess what! I also found a gold ticket in the luke chueh box

  3. awesome, congrats!!!

    which golden ticket is it for? pon?

  4. Found a GT in with Taxali! Thanks for the info about the site–I’ve been trying everything to get on. 2 tofu, 1 gloomy, 1 kozik, and Jessup. Cool!

  5. congrats, i love the taxali but had no luck!

    if you want to trade for a brandt peters i would be down with that!

  6. I found a golden ticket from Miami. Your post helped. Thank you for saving me the trouble of contacting kidrobot. Congratulations.

  7. congrats, what box was it inside of?

  8. i pulled my golden ticket here in so cal today…in a luke box. i am SO stoked!!!!

  9. awesome,
    did you see the preview image on my blog from yesterday.
    check it out?
    it looks like a pigeon?
    he is from nyc after all!!

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