Obey ‘Soup Can III’ Released Today

Obey 'Soup Can III' Released Today

Obey 'Soup Can III' Released Today

Today is the day y’all, get your f-book and tweets up and ready. Iconoclast is releasing the Obey ‘Soup Can III’ today at a random time. You need to be linked up with them through either Facebook or Twitter. Check it out HERE


~ by postersandprints on September 9, 2009.

One Response to “Obey ‘Soup Can III’ Released Today”

  1. for anyone that didn’t experience it themselves, the release was a complete disaster. many people were anxiously awaiting the release posting comments on iconoclast’s facebook wall. once the password was released, within seconds people (me included) logged in to see the price at $250, click quantity 1, then the next screen said anywhere from $600-$950 US. For those that chose to continue (i did – my price showed at $600), you had 5 minutes to complete checkout on their extremely slow site before being kicked out – which happened to me. very frustrating.

    right after, numerous messages were left bashing iconoclast on their facebook page expressing the many problems and asking for answers to how many prints were purchased at what price as many people opened up to find $950 US. they have since deleted all comments (except positive ones – one…) and closed their facebook wall for comments.

    shortly after the release if you kept hitting refresh you could find the price going up and down between $950 and $750. They also took the password off shortly after 30 minutes of its release (not the hour that was originally told). MANY upset people this morning and I don’t think many will come back for release #4.

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