Iconoclast Nightmare Obey Release Again!

Obey 'Soup Can III' Iconoclast Release Nightmare

Obey 'Soup Can III' Iconoclast Release Nightmare

Another Obey ‘Soup Can III’ release and another nightmare from these clowns at Iconoclast. It is sad that most of the info they release to the public ends up being false. The password was released today and within 15 seconds I was on their page and the price said $250, when I clicked to put it in my cart it was showing a price of $750. WTF? These guys are so unprofessional. How the hell does my price change on the way to the cart. Bullshit! You are either a) trying to be intentionally deceitful or b) they are lying about the starting price. Furthermore they removed the password option 30 minutes (NOT 1 HOUR like stated) after pre-release. They intentionally deleted all negative comments on their Facebook page wall until it became too much and then they completely deactivated the wall. Stay away from these guys. They are bad news. I have read lots about their handling of the previous release and it was messy. A lot of excuses from them and a lot of unhappy customers. I can only anticipate more lies, deception and mishandling in the future by the clowns. BUYER BEWARE!!


~ by postersandprints on September 9, 2009.

One Response to “Iconoclast Nightmare Obey Release Again!”

  1. I totally agree. they LIE – They tried to sell me the print in advance (1 month) for $950! without a password. Shepard should revoke the license for them to sell the prints. I’ve been a big fan of Obey for over 15 years and this is the only company associated that I have felt taken by.

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