Parra ‘Cherries’ Print Release

Parra 'Cherries' Edition of 150 Size: 52 x 72 cm £115 Each

Parra 'Cherries' Edition of 150 Size: 52 x 72 cm £115 Each

There’s nobody out there who is better at combining a filthy mind with a clean line than artist Parra. An underground star in his hometown of Amsterdam, where fans scour the streets to tear down his posters, Parra’s work is treasured by a new generation of design fanatics. A natural self taught Typographer and Graphic Artist, Parra grew up living with his artist father. Surrounded by colour, oil paint, wood, & Rubenesque paintings he immersed himself in early nineties music and street culture, developing the unique style he’s know for today. Taking a handfull of selected commercial design jobs every year Parra prefers to make the bulk of his output flyers, posters & identities for friends & admirers, making his work available for everyone to use, keep or discard as they wish. His first solo gallery show, “Jobs I did for friends for under £100” took place at London’s Kemistry Gallery in March 2005 and sold out in three days. Hugely prolific, Parra also designs his own streetwear label, Rockwell clothing, launched in 2000 and stocked in London, Tokyo, Berlin and New York. He hails (unsurprisingly) from Amsterdam where he is something of a legend. Please note: ‘This print absolutely rocks in real life!!’ You now have the option to pick up your prints from P.O.W personally. This will save you postage & means you can take the print flat-packed. Our luxurious new facility boasts 2 couches, a water fountain & is open from 11am-6pm. We are now located at 46 – 48 Commercial Street, London. Check it out HERE


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