Emek’s Rothbury Life Form Contest Results

Emek Rothbury Concert Poster 2009

Emek Rothbury Concert Poster 2009

Emek Rothbury Poster Contest Answer:

Thank you to all who participated in my most recent sale as you all know, we are always trying different ways to have sales to keep things interesting and mix things up to give everybody a chance. To skip the long boring explanation go down to the bottom to see some of my answers. I wish I could sell a poster to everyone that participated, but we just do not have enough to go around and to those of you who “participated” more than once, sorry, rules are rules and we do like creative answers…. but only one per person. Many of you sent your email way before or after the designated time.
In this contest the question was subjective and could be answered in various ways, after all, this was an EMEK contest, not high school. we had one answer in mind = 12, and since only one person guessed that we went on to the 5 other best/creative responses in our opinion…

Based on our email broadcast , we said it was an “ark carrying all plant life” above a dried “ocean” with pollution creatures. and we also purposefully mentioned some hidden faces as an optional possibility… so i looked up “all plant life” life forms and ocean life forms and got 12. But only one person guessed that number. I guess the joke was on us. So, to follow are some of the other acceptable answers: HOW MANY LIFE FORMS ARE IN THE POSTER?

My interpretation was 12, the following information was found from various sources online:

Marine biology is the scientific study of living organisms in the ocean, some Marine Lifeforms:
* Fish
* Reptiles – lizards, etc.
* Marine mammals – whales, dolphins, etc.

Using this information to decipher our poster… the 2 creatures in the front could be mammal like, the 3 in the middle are reptile like, the 3 in the back are machine creatures – imaginary, and don’t forget the dead fish below the date lettering is also a category (we didn’t say how many forms are living) this totals = possibly 4 different life forms are on the ground, or they could all equal just one- “pollution creatures”.. answer = 4 or 1.

The Raunkiær system is a system for categorising plant lifeforms

Plant life forms:

1. Phanerophytes
2. Chamaephytes
3. Hemicryptophytes
4. Cryptophytes
5. Therophytes
6. Aerophytes
7. Epiphytes
8. optional Fungi (mushrooms)

Since the ship is ark-like it implies that types of every plant are on board and since the “most widely applied life-form scheme” (Raunkiær system) has all those categories, the total plant life-forms are = 7, or 8… or just 1 (all plants/flora)

TOTAL: 4 types of possible marine life + 8 types of possible plant life = 12 LIFE FORMS
or:  (all pollution creatures are just 1 lifeform) + ALL plant lifeforms = 9
or just plants + animals (flora + fauna) = 2
or add for dylan/grateful dead skull (+ 1 for humanity) = 13 or 10 or 3
so , there could be a whole bunch of different answers,= more opportunities to participate.
possible answers for MY contest were 13, 12, 10, 9, 3, 2….

Good Answers That Did Not Win Were:

Zero – it’s just a piece of paper, there are no life forms IN it! Clever, but there was still a life form used to make the paper- even though its dead now, then who is to say there are not microscopic life forms still inside the paper waiting to slowly eat this collectible over the next thousand years. 1- Gaia Theory – all Life is Life, we are all One, or there is “life” and “anti-life” or there was just one life form= a tree that was used to make the poster , good answers, but not this time… 42- yes that’s the answer to Everything..but not this time infinite – yes, that is true, but we said an ark of all Plant life, not all Life… so that’s like guessing One…

So again, possible answers for MY contest were 13, 12, 10, 9, 3, 2…. thanks! Next time we will make it simple – promise! We’re always mixing it up! Thank you for your time…

emek@emek.net (please limit your hatemail to 50 words or less)


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