Ian Millard ‘Upper North Lot’, ‘Fray Wires’ + ‘Colour Cameras’ Prints

Ian Millard 'Upper North Lot'

Ian Millard 'Upper North Lot'

Remaining Upper North Lot Prints & Canvases on-sale info
I have a handful of the ‘
Upper North Lotprints remaining after Mock Show last weekend that I will be adding to my online store. I will be adding pictures of the remaining prints to my website later today. I also have 2 ‘Upper North Lot’ canvases (38 x 9 x 2 Inches – Edition of 3) that I will also be adding to my online store.

“No Anunciar” Show Prints Available Soon at IansPrints.com
The four prints that I created for the ‘No Anunciar’ Art Show at Andenken Gallery last April will be available in my online store. The prints include
Fray Wires‘, ‘Color Cameras‘, ‘Beware of Dogs+ ‘Easy Getaway. Each print comes in a unique edition of 5 and is signed, numbered and embossed.

Radio Interview
Untitled Art Show: Episode 31 Guests Jason Kaczorowski, Ian Millard, Jonathan Lamb and Michael Ortiz
Erik and Mike interview Jason Kaczorowski; organizer of Mock Show: Red Rocks.
Mock Show: Red Rocks is an art festival centered around the world of Phish with an emphasis on raising funds for The Mockingbird Foundation. Jason will be joined in studio by artists Ian Millard, Jonathan Lamb and Michael Ortiz, who are participants in Mock Show: Red Rocks.
Listen Here!!

Upcoming Art Show in Denver on August 21st at Space Gallery
CMYK+RGB Show – Sponsor: Illiterate Magazine – Space Gallery – Denver, CO
Friday August 21 at 9pm – 765 Santa Fe. Drive. Denver, Colorado

CMYK+RGB explores the interactions between print and digital media through their unique color spectrums: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (print) and Red, Green, Blue (digital). With live screen printing, a conceptual fashion show, a print exhibition and interactive digital installations, RGB + CMYK places two forms of reproduction side by side asking the question on every newspaper publisher and online entrepreneur’s mind: are these formats complimentary or in competition? Twenty + Colorado artists are creating custom prints based on the theme CMYK+RGB. All prints will be on display and on sale at affordable (nothing more than $50) prices.

All the above prints are available on Friday August 7th at 12pm EST HERE


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