Tiny Showcase ‘Aesthetic Apparatus + Cole Gerst’ Foil Prints

Tiny Beautiful Foil Prints Size: 8 x 5 Inches $25/Set

Tiny Beautiful Foil Prints Edition of 500 Size: 8 x 5 Inches $25/Set

From Tiny Showcase “Shield your eyes, this launch is going to send small refracted rainbows zooming into your eyes, ricocheting off your contact lenses and causing you to hallucinate sweeter, better times. Welcome to Shiny Showcase. We at T.S. Laboratories have been dabbling with foil press for some time now. Jon B has the burn marks to prove it and we’ve had some shiny projects to show for it. Only this time we went ALL THE WAY. Imagine the way a screenprint is printed in layers. Now imagine all those layers printed in glorious color-matched foil, mined by ancients beneath the mountains in Moria and lovingly stamped by the calloused hands of a really nice guy in the oldest working foil stamp factory in North America. Imagine that, in all its bright and captivating reflective splendor. When I was a kid I didn’t want to use a pencil if it wasn’t stamped with a deep green No. 2 on the top. Oh the way that green shone, sparkling in contrast with the drab walls and drop ceilings of Elementary school. Today it can be yours to the maximum, in the most of attractive of fashions. A crew of artists that will send you reeling, in a pack of two foil pressed prints, immediately available” Check it out HERE


~ by postersandprints on July 28, 2009.

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