Did Sam Flores Steal Jon Foster’s Design?

Sam Flores 'Dragon Tree'

Sam Flores 'Dragon Tree'

You be the judge, did Sam Flores copy Jon Foster’s artwork for his latest release ‘Dragon Tree’!!! Looks like it to me!!

Jon Foster 'Dragon And Herdsman'

Jon Foster 'Dragon And Herdsman'


~ by postersandprints on July 24, 2009.

9 Responses to “Did Sam Flores Steal Jon Foster’s Design?”

  1. Sadly I say yes.

  2. Yes. Obviously, yes.

  3. Big Resounding “YES”

  4. without doubt, yes.

  5. too many similarities…look at the trees, the leaves, the dragon…

  6. “Robbery, officer? Certainly not! My hand was merely visiting this gentleman’s wallet in order to pay homage to him!”

  7. Fucking art thief, if it was a “homage” then you should have signed it “sam”art thief”flores AFTER Jon Foster. Whats really sad is that you traced it. You killed any credibility that you may have had.

  8. i could not agree with you more!

    i have recently sold my sam flores pieces because of the bad taste from this.


  9. so what hes a dope artist and thats that.and who cares eny way art is universal

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