El Mac ‘Ixtaccihuatl’ Print Release

El Mac 'Ixtaccihuatl' Edition of 75 Size: 24 x 24 Inches $400 Each

El Mac 'Ixtaccihuatl' Edition of 75 Size: 30 x 30 Inches $400 Each

Here is the latest from El Mac, this piece is called ‘Ixtaccihuatl’ It is a 30 x 30 inch 3 colour screen print with an edition of 75 for $400 each. A little pricey if you look back at the history of his print sales. Wish I would have bought his last one… Email him HERE if you would like to buy one of these. Here is the inspiration for this print “This is a new print just finished by the legendary Self Help Graphics print shop in East LA. This is the nicest and biggest print I’ve done so far and it’s an honor to have had it produced by such an important and respected print shop as SHG. The printer, Joe Alpuche did a perfect job. The title is Ixtaccihuatl (pronounced “ee.stok.SEE.wot”) which is the name of a large mountain in Mexico said to resemble a sleeping woman. The myth behind this has inspired countless popular Mexican/Chicano paintings, drawings, calendars, murals, tattoos, merchandise, etc portraying an Azteca warrior cradling his dead lover. This is my sincere take on this traditional theme using my brushwork style.”


~ by postersandprints on June 29, 2009.

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