David Choe ‘Jimi’ Print Release

David Choe 'Jimi' Very Small Edition Size
David Choe ‘Jimi’ Edition of 27 (Only 19 Available) Size: 44 x 51 Inches $600 + Shipping

This is the info that David Choe has released regarding this print. “My fellow left handed bro died when he was only 27 years old. This extremely limited print is of the legend Jimi Hendrix, in all his glory and inspired madness, there will only be 27 editions of this giclee print, at $600 plus shipping, all signed numbered, and left handed guitar drawn on some of the prints, I already gave 8 of them away to friends and family, so really there’s only 19 left. This print would not be for my exroomate, You will really have to like Jimi or have manic depression for this one, my largest print to date, the print will be reproduced the same size as the original 4 foot painting on Breathing Color’s Elegance Velvet Platinum Edition high end digital water color paper at 44 x 51 inches . Longtime family friends the Namba’s, will be producing this bad boy. They’re 30 years in the business with top secret custom silk screening techniques, look for more totally mental prints in the future. For this Jimi Hendrix print, please contact Bobby Namba at bnamba@live.com the prints are huge so expect at least 3 weeks for delivery. Bobby will be handling all orders and sales. He’s in L.A. I’m in New York, Don’t email or call me, I can’t help you. Be nice to Bobby and he’ll be nice to you.”


~ by postersandprints on June 25, 2009.

One Response to “David Choe ‘Jimi’ Print Release”

  1. […] from artist David Choe. This is a KILLER follow up to his last release which was that UNREAL Jimi Hendrix print he did. This print is called ‘Death Blossom’ and I know very few details other […]

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