Jessica Eaton ‘Filter Samples’ Print Release

20 X 200's Featuring Jessica Eaton 'Filter Samples'

20 X 200's Featuring Jessica Eaton 'Filter Samples'

20×200’s release this week is Jessica Eaton’s ‘Filter Samples’ documents the means used to create one of many attempts to construct fictional rainbows. Hundreds of swatches from Lee Filter sample packs were arranged on the window, by spectral wave transmission, to turn my living room into a ROYGBIV light box. My artistic practice is focused on the medium of photography and potentially, all lens-based imaging. Growing out of an initial interest in constructed photographs, my current projects aim to explore the potential of truth, illusion, contingency and the physical and perceptual properties of light, time and space. In order to structure these phenomena into the plane of the photograph, as well as to organize and plan the use of the camera and lenses’ technical impositions, I commonly borrow strategies from both the scientific method and various approaches in music. Specifically, a number of works have been constructed by an approach inspired by John Zorn’s “game piece” concept of experimental music. My explorations often take inspiration from the increasing possibilities of digital imaging as well. Deconstructing these processes in an analogue form results in photographs that are complex in their reading, resting somewhere, uncomfortably, between both digital imaging and painting. It is my goal for the resultant photographs—”tests” as I often call them—to be a rich visual experience and to offer insight into both the malleability of perceptual reality and the construction of meaning regarding our shift into an increasingly hyper-real or digital world. This print comes in various sizes and prices, check their site HERE!


~ by postersandprints on June 24, 2009.

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