Swoon Video – Oooh She Is So Cute + Clever!!

SWOON’s worlds are often populated by realistically rendered– and evocatively cut-out– street people, often her friends and family. Riding bikes, talking on a stoop, going grocery shopping– these people traverse a cityscape of her own unique invention. Bridges, fire escapes, water towers and street signs create crisscrossing shadows and spaces through which her figures move. Inspired by both art historical and folk sources, ranging from German Expressionist wood block prints to Indonesian shadow puppets, SWOON is a master of using cut paper to play with positive and negative space in a conceptually driven exploration of the experience of the streets.

If you live in New York, you’ve probably encountered SWOON’s work before: she has been covering the streets of New York with her signature cut outs for over six years. Often found in beautiful states of decay, her wheat-pasted cut outs ‘collaborate’ with the street to create a time-based public artwork. In conjunction with her TOYSHOP Collective, she has executed projects ranging from billboard alterations and poster campaigns, to street parties and sculptural installations. Her recent work has focused on creating peepholes throughout the city in subtle places where, once discovered, the viewer can glimpse a hidden dream world through the unassuming aperture.


~ by postersandprints on June 10, 2009.

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