Daniel Danger Jamungo Nade Figure Release

3.5 Inches $20/Set

'Jamungo Nade Figure' Edition of 500 Size: 3.75 Inches $20/Set

These little cool figures are available from Daniel Danger’s site. Here are all the details,

“$20 gets you one of each figure, and one of three 5×5″ mini-prints, which are ONLY available through me. The prints are random and come in little cardboard sleeves to protect them in their travels. I’m very excited to finally have these after 2 years, after production delay after delay overseas.
These are my own special release of the Jamungo Nade figure. Each figure is 3.75” tall and there are 500 red figures and 500 blue figures. They come in their own custom box featuring some creepy wordplay designed by myself as well. I only have half the run, and the other half will be available at places who typically carry Jamungo toys. These dudes will not be part of the ‘bud-of-the-month’ club. As the best kind of toys do, these contain small parts, so they’re more for the ‘fun thing on your desk at work’ and ‘my Dunny/Munny needs a friend’ crowd, not the ‘i’m a 2 year old and i like spongebob’ crowd.”


~ by postersandprints on January 22, 2009.

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