**FREE PRINT** Hayden Print Release

420mm x 297mm £.01 Each

**FREE HAYDEN PRINT** Size: 420mm x 297mm £.01 Each

Check out these cats at artichokeltd, they believe in sharing the love of art and not just capitalizing of the soaring value in art.(thanksy) They represent some bangers too, most notably Hush and Jeff Aerosol (love his tunnel work) Here is some of the fun stuff they are offering to all of us art lovers.

“We will be doing the £1 print again shortly….but a pound is a bit steep in the current economic climate I reckon. Read on. I started this company through a genuine love of art and so have decided to add a couple of features for the New Year to keep things fun. The £1 print will ‘pop up’ on a monthly/bi-monthly basis and so will ‘I wanna trade’; If you like a print we have but don’t have the funds to buy it you can trade me for it. This can be either a piece that you have done yourself or a piece in your collection you no longer want. I’ll add your piece to my private collection (if I like it). Just email me through the ‘contact’ button on the homepage with your suggested trade. Look out for the £1 print going live in April. The background on the website will go ‘red’ to indicate it’s live and ready to purchase. Some of you on the forums have also discussed the £50 print and what you can get so at the same time the £1 print goes live we will also have a selection of £34 prints (my age)and under………………….. but only for an hour.” Pete

“Oh, I meant to mention….look out for the ‘1 pence print set’ coming soon. The new variation on the £1 print.”


~ by postersandprints on January 19, 2009.

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